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All Saints

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Special Educational Needs

We recognise that each pupil has unique and individual needs and that if these pupils are to achieve their full potential we must plan accordingly.  Lots of pupils will have special educational needs at some time in their school career; many require ongoing help whilst others may need a little extra help for a short time.  We aim to provide all pupils with strategies for dealing with their needs, in a supportive environment, and to give them meaningful access to the National Curriculum and beyond.  We provide equal opportunities to enable pupils to take part in all aspects of the school's provision, as far as is appropriate.  In particular, we aim to enable every pupil to experience success and to promote individual confidence and a positive attitude.  We hope to foster collective responsibility and the development of an awareness of our world.  We strive to ensure that all pupils, whatever their special educational need, receive appropriate educational provision through a broad and balanced curriculum.  At the same time, we recognise the need to involve parents and carers in all aspects of planning and support.

The full Special Educational Needs Policy and Information report can be found on our policies page here.

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