All Saints Church of England (A) Primary School

All Saints Church of England (A) Primary School

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Together we Aspire, Believe, Explore, Achieve

Tamar Way, Didcot, Oxon OX11 7LH

01235 819143


Leadership team

Headteacher - Mr John Myers 


Deputy Headteacher  - Mrs Lucy Wheatcroft

inclusion Team

SENCO - Mrs Alison Martin

Family-School Partnership Worker - Mrs Viki Papparides

Office team

School Business Manager - Mrs Lisa Robinson

Finance Administrator - Mrs Carol MacDonald

Administrator - Miss Tina Granito 


Administrator - Mrs Charlotte Hammond

FoundatioN team

Foundation Stage Lead / Reception Class Teacher - Mrs Alison Martin

Class Teacher - Miss Emily Young

Class Teacher - Mrs Vicky Phipps

Nursery Class Teacher - Mrs Karen Akrill 

Nursery Nurse - Miss Laura Brinkley

Nursery Nurse - Miss Claire Smith

Teaching Assistant - Miss Emma Ghorashi

Teaching Assistant - Miss Ellie-May Goodenough

Teaching Assistant - Miss Laura Patterson

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Ramona Ungurean

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Lindsey Boorman

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Laura Soanes

Teaching Assistant - Miss Sarah Goodenough

Year 1 team

Class Teacher -  Mrs Hania Myers

Class Teacher - Mrs Kate Morley

Class Teacher - Miss Emily Powell

Class Teacher - Mrs Veronica Slatter

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Jennifer Chant

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Esther Corbishley

Teaching Assistant - Miss Tara Cox

Year 2 team

Class Teacher - Mrs Mel Barrett

Class Teacher  - Miss Bobby Thomas

Teaching Assistant - Ms Susie Rogers

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Gemma Southall

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Emma Doy  

Teaching Assistant -  Miss Kerry Smith

Year 3 team

Class Teacher - Miss Vicky Atkin

Class Teacher - Miss Emily Young 

Class Teacher - Mrs Jen Trantom

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Clare-Louise Wiblin 

Year 4 team

Class Teacher - Mrs Nicola Bristow

Class Teacher - Miss Juliette Little

Higher Level Teaching Assistant - Mrs Danielle Hunt

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Ruth Pearson

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Audrey Cadman

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Jo Hartley-James

Year 5 team

Class Teacher - Ms Ashleigh Jackson

Class Teacher - Miss Anne Warren

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Sara Brower

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Elsa McMillan

Year 6 team

Class Teacher - Mrs Tracy Agg

Class Teacher - Mr Ralph Jones

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Dorothy Sym

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Laura Wilkinson

Teaching Assistant - Mrs Bonita Oliver

Breakfast & afterschool club

Manager - Mrs Ann Mulligan

Playworker - Mrs Vanessa Strange

Playworker - Mrs Jo Whitaker

Playworker - Mrs Sarah Sargeant

Site Team

Caretaker - Mr Dave Vaughan

Cleaner - Mrs Sally Slade

Lunch Team

Lead Lunchtime Supervisor - Mrs Audrey Cadman

Lead Lunchtime Supervisor - Miss Kerry Smith

Lead Lunchtime Supervisor - Mrs Vanessa Strange

Lunchtime Supervisor - Miss Tanya Beard

Lunchtime Supervisor - Mrs Agnieszka Homeward

Lunchtime Supervisor - Mrs Bonita Oliver

Lunchtime Supervisor - Mrs Laura Pullin

Lunchtime Supervisor - Mrs Sarah Sargeant

Lunchtime Supervisor - Mrs Laura Soanes

Lunchtime Supervisor - Mrs Jo Turner

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