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Year 3 and World War I

Year 3 and World War I

During the First World War Centenary week the children explored the history of the war including the impact it had on their families and ancestors.  

Children brought in letters, objects and photographs from their family’s past.


Fact files

Here are some interesting facts we learnt.

  • ‘The Zeppelin threw bombs on random people’s houses’ by Max.
  • ‘They used over 1,000 horses as ambulances, dogs and birds to carry messages and goldfish for cleaning gas from gas masks’ by  Callum S.
  • ‘Soldiers were sent to no man’s land to the enemy’s trench’ by Callum H



The children created silhouette pictures which can be seen in the above slide show.


We did drama about being in the trenches. Then we wrote our own diary entry:

 Friday November 9th 1914

'I was in our trench and it was damp, smelly and cold. I wished I was at home. Zeppelins were making it dark and scary. This war is very bad and is killing us.'  by Arjun


I missed my family but I need to protect my country! My dog was barking because there were bombs. I wrote a letter to my family, I was sad.’  by Nicola

‘Monday 27th March 1915

6.30 am I got up with a startle! Bang and a boom! Rachel (my friend) had gone into NO MAN’S LAND, to go to battle!’  by Idris



We discussed poems by various war poets. Then we created our own poems.


In the trenches we could hear,

The roaring guns in my ear,

Dying people, bombs exploding,

Will this dreadful thing ever stop!

Marching, marching,

Guns shooting,

Whatever will happen next?

Guns loaded, bang, bang, bang,

Last shots are taken!’

by Thomas C


The wounded or dead shot,

Days ago a war began.

There were cuts and wounds,

A gun shot through.

The poppies start to grow,

The tears start to flow.

By Arthur


As the guns are all around you,

Cannons shoot as thunder.

I miss home.

I am frightened.

When one is shot all is shot.

A poppy after death,

Us soldiers are saving you.

By Alex


When the soldiers die the children start to cry,

And if Germany fight it would be a fright.

World War I is not fun,

But the allies of one family have won.

Poppies grow on Flanders Field,

Soon, no doubt it will be your pleasure to cross the sleeping green between,

It seems inwardly grim as you see the soldiers die.

By Juwon

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