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Free Flow Learning in Foundation

In Foundation, the children experience a play-based learning approach, alongside adult led focuses, which is called free flow learning.  This means that several different experiences and activities are set up in the classroom for children to access at their own pace, directed at the different areas of the EYFS framework.  Free flow fosters independence, allows children to progress at their own pace and allows children to make their own decisions.  Practitioners will often support children’s learning by playing alongside and observing to aid progression. 


Snack time

A healthy snack is available at all times during free flow activities, both in the morning and afternoon.  Children can choose from different fruit and vegetables to eat and have access to both milk and water.  Staff monitor children and encourage them to drink especially, reminding them of the importance of this.


REception snacks

We also try to provide toast and/or cereal each week for the children.  We support the children to make this independently which helps their physical development and knowledge of health eating.  We also create a ‘café’ system where children need to ‘purchase’ food and pay for it using ‘toy’ money.  If you can donate any of the following occasionally we will be able to continue to do this throughout the year:

  • Bread- (we can freeze this so just in date is great!)
  • Jam, butter and any toppings for toast that don’t contain nuts.
  • Cereal – Corn flakes, Shreddies, Rice Crispies, Bran Flakes etc - that do not contain nuts.


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