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Reception Classes

clever caterpillars and brainy bees

We have two Reception Classes - Clever Caterpillars and Brainy Bees. Miss Young teaches in Clever Caterpillars with Miss Brinkley as Nursery Nurse.   Mrs Tallman and Mrs Martin teach in Brainy Bees with Miss Smith as Nursery Nurse.  Both classes are supported by teaching assistants - Mrs Doy and Mrs Smith.


We will continue to keep this page up to date with information about plans and activities


Week Beginning: 11th November 2019

This week we will be continuing to focus on our Story Goldilocks and the 3 Bears and reading lots of other Bear stories including We’re going on a Bear Hunt. We will be writing our own invitations to our bears to come and visit us in school and try lots of different breakfast items with us. Children will be encouraged to write letters home if they want to bring a bear in. Please feel free to bring in any bear stories which your children love to share with the class!

In Maths we will be focusing on non-standard measurement and will be measuring our bears, and lots of different big items, with blocks, conkers, feet etc. We will be thinking of different language for the words ‘big’ and ‘small’, learning about being tall, short, long and wide.

If you would like to support your child further at home, you could:

  • Go on a pretend bear hunt around the local area/ home.
  • Read stories about bears, e.g. Old Bear, Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, Goodnight Bear.
  • Measure different household objects with feet, hands or rulers.
  • Draw a picture of your family to scale, thinking about who is the tallest and shortest.
  • Try something new for breakfast, such as porridge with a new topping.


Week Beginning: 14th October 2019

This week we will be reading the story the Enormous Turnip and continuing to compare lots of vegetables measuring and ordering them, finding out the tallest, shortest, longest and heaviest.  If you or your family have grown any fruit or vegetables or can find any interesting ones whilst shopping please bring them, or a photo of them into school, we would love to hear about them.

We will also be celebrating Harvest Festival and finding out where lots of our fruit and vegetables come from. We will be cooking up some healthy food with them.

If you would like to support your child further at home, you could:

  • Look at the wide variety of fruit and vegetables available in the shops or market. Can you find out where they come from? Look on a world map to see where that is.
  • Try a new vegetable or fruit.
  • Cook a vegetable recipe. Cut and chop up all the vegetables. Which parts do you eat? Which parts do you not eat?
  • Plant some bulbs.

 Week Beginning: 7th October 2019

Week Beginning: 30th September 2019

Week Beginning:  23rd September 2019

Keeping parents informed

Each term we send letters home packed with information.  If you think you might have missed a letter then check out the Letters Home page to see what has been sent.  We also have a Calendar on the website with all the important upcoming dates.

weekly timetable

Have you ever wondered what a week in a Reception class looks like?  Would you like to know what your child does throughout each day?  Check out the timetable to find out more.