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Reception Classes

clever caterpillars and brainy bees

We have two Reception Classes - Clever Caterpillars and Brainy Bees. Miss Young teaches in Clever Caterpillars with Miss Brinkley as Nursery Nurse.   Mrs Tallman and Mrs Wells teach in Brainy Bees with Miss Smith as Nursery Nurse.  Both classes are supported by teaching assistants - Mrs Doy and Mrs Smith.


Week Beginning 13th May 2019

This week we will be focusing on snails and learning lots of new WOW describing words, such as gastropod. We will be learning lots of new snail facts, such as why they have a shell on their back and what they eat. We will be making clay snails, making a spiral obstacle course and doing lots of snail question writing. Alongside this, we are learning about our emotions. We will be focusing on the words ‘happy’ and ‘worried’ in particular and will introduce our emotions board for the children to use daily.

In Maths we will continue to solve capacity problems and will be making our own flavoured water in different measuring jugs. We will be carrying out lots of small group practical activities to find out how much water different jugs contain.

If you would like to support your child further at home, you could:

  • Measure out your milk or water into a measuring cup. Can you count how many spoons of water can fit into your cup?
  • Think of some WOW describing words for your favourite toy.
  • Talk about emotions. Ask your child what makes them worried, what makes them angry and what makes them excited.


Week Beginning 6th May 2019

This week we will be continuing to learn all about mini-beasts and will be focusing on building our mini-beast hotel and making a wormery. We will also continue to observe and look after our class caterpillars. We will be talking about how we can look after our garden and making posters to remind others to do this. We will be making up our own stories, many of them mini –beast themed and sharing and performing them. We will also be making our own information books.
In Maths we will be solving capacity problems so we can make old fashioned lemonade for our café. Each child will have the same amount of liquid but we will be using lots of different size containers. If you would like to support your child further at home, you could:

  • Look for mini- beasts in your garden or while you are out and about. Can you use an information book or the internet to find out more about the mini beasts you see.
  •  Use different size cups and containers when drinking. Can you pour the same amount in each? How does it look?
  •  Use measuring jugs or containers to make a drink or recipe.
  •  Read different information books about things that interest you. Can you write your own one?

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Keeping parents informed

Each term we send letters home packed with information.  If you think you might have missed a letter then check out the Letters Home page to see what has been sent.  We also have a Calendar on the website with all the important upcoming dates.

weekly timetable

Have you ever wondered what a week in a Reception class looks like?  Would you like to know what your child does throughout each day?  Check out the timetable to find out more.