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WOW Moments

We are keen to find out as much as we can about your child to help them develop and learn.  This means finding out about their learning and interest outside of school too.

You can really help us by informing us of anything new that they enjoy or have started to do.  We are calling these WOW moments - we have sheets available on our papers board that you are welcome to help yourself to to record WOW Moments on, please take as many as you need or you could down load a copy here.

WOW Moments could include:

  • new clubs or interests they have and any special achievements and certificates they are awarded.  For example, starting ballet or football club; obtaining a swimming certificate or enjoying helping cook for the family.
  • new things they have learnt to do, such as fasten up their coat, write their name or ride their bike without stabilisers.
  • new experiences they have had and enjoyed such as a trip to a museum, flying on an aeroplane or welcoming a new family member.
  • anything they are doing a lot more of or are becoming increasingly independent at such as writing notices, reading signs or labels or using a knife and fork.
  • anything you as a parent are proud of.
  • please fill in the WOW Moment sheets as and when they happen, add your child's name and date and hand them to a member of the team.