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Welcome to the Foundation StagE

In our Foundation stage we have two Reception Classes - Clever Caterpillars and Brainy Bees - and one Nursery Class split between morning and afternoon.

Miss Young teaches in Clever Caterpillars with Miss Brinkley as Nursery Nurse.   Mrs Tallman and Mrs Wells teach in Brainy Bees with Miss Smith as Nursery Nurse.  Both classes are supported by teaching assistants - Mrs Doy and Mrs Smith.

Mrs Akrill teaches in Nursery with Mrs Maddock as Nursery Nurse and teaching assistants - Ms Gorashi and Mrs Hartley-James.

Clever Caterpillars and Brainy Bees reception classes

Pupils are encouraged to develop learning skills as well as developing their knowledge of the world around them.  With a classroom that is engaging and full of possibilities, our pupil's curiosity is fostered in  a caring and supportive environment.  Through out the year, children in Reception will transition from a predominantly play based curriculum to more formal learning experiences in preparation for their transition to Year 1.

You are always very welcome to come into school and speak to Miss Young, Mrs Tallman and Mrs wells at any time, or alternatively, rearrange a time to meet after school.  Additionally, we always welcome parents into the setting to help out with cooking, crafts and readers.

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Nursery owls


In Nursery we provide a stimulating and challenging environment that encourages the children to be independent learners.  We are guided by the children's interests and they are encouraged to use their imagination and inquisitiveness to help them acquire the knowledge, skills and positive attitudes they need to be ready for school.


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early years foundation stage curriculum

At first glance, it can appear that the children are 'only playing' whilst in the Foundation stage. However the best Early Years Education is based on the understanding that whilst children are playing, they are learning.  During the day there will be a mixture of adult initiated and adult led activities as well as whole class, small group and individual activities.

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