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Meet the team

Our Foundation teachers are Mrs Tallman, Mrs Akrill, Mrs O'Brien and Mrs Wells.

Our Teaching Assistants for Foundation are Julie Flinders and Emma Doy. 

Our Nursery Nurses are Ms Brinkley, Mrs Maddock and Miss Smith.

Topic News - Reception Classes

Week Beginning:

19th February 2018

We will be finding out about China and celebrating Chinese New Year, tasting Chinese food, exploring customs and having a go at Chinese calligraphy.

In maths we will be looking at simple number addition and subtraction.


5th February 2018

We will be preparing for our Banquet on Wednesday.  We will be making medieval food, dancing to medieval music and trying some medieval sports.

 In maths we will be continuing to work with numbers, recognising and writing them and adding practically.


29th January 2018

We will be finding out about life long ago in castles e.g. what kind of food they ate, what they wore and how this compares to our homes today.

In maths we will be looking at number recognition and simple number addition.

Topic News - Nursery

Term 3 - January 2018

This term we have been using the book ‘Each Peach Pear Plum.’  So far we have tasted peaches, pears and plums and made plum pie!  We have also been playing lots of I Spy games and talking about rhyme.  We are focusing on Phase 1 Phonics which is all about listening to sounds in the environment, and in words.  For the rest of term we are focusing on some of the characters from the book, particularly the three bears.