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Meet the team

Our Foundation teachers are Mrs Tallman, Mrs Akrill, Mrs Wells and Miss Young

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Doy and Ms Ghorashi  

Our Nursery Nurses are Ms Brinkley, Mrs Maddock and Miss Smith.

Topic News - Reception Classes

Week Beginning 19th Nov

This week will be focusing on 2D and 3D shape. Looking at natural and manmade materials in our environment. We will be setting up a roll play builders yard for the children to build and create in using boxes of all different sizes. If you have any large boxes, please can you bring them in (the larger the better). Children will be focusing on collaborating and team work.

We will be focusing on books by Jill Murphy especially ‘Whatever Next’ where baby bear creates a rocket from a big box.

We will also be starting our Nativity, beginning to learn songs and allocate roles. (Only 3 weeks to go!) The children are all asked to choose 2 or 3 characters they would like to be in the story and we try to ensure they all get one of their choices. We will let you know what your child will be in the play. We provide all costumes. Details of tickets will be sent out shortly.

If you would like to support your child further at home, you could:

  • Go on a shape hunt at home. Look for 2D or 3D shapes in your home or when out and about.
  • Go on an Autumn walk talk about what you see.
  • Collect natural materials such as leaves, conkers and seeds and create a picture with them.
  • Use junk material at home to build and create with. Look at the shapes you have used or made


 Week Beginning 5th November

This week will be learning about what life was like 100 years ago. Old Bear will be visiting us bringing with him artefacts from 100 years ago such as an old iron, toys, chamber pot, water bottle. We will be comparing old and new items and looking at new inventions. We will also be looking at clothes and eating food from the time. We will be mentioning WW1 and that it is the centenary this year but it will not be our main focus.

If you have any old household items or artefacts we would love to see them. (They don’t have to be 100 years old) We would take great care of them. The children will be learning that these items cannot be replaced and need to be treated with respect.

If you would like to support your child further at home, you could:

  • Look at old family photos and talk about your memories of family and friends.
  • Talk about your childhood and how it was different or similar to your child’s.
  • Talk to older family members about their memories.
  • Buy a poppy at home or school and talk about why we do this.

Week beginning: 24th September 2018

 The children are settling in well and are becoming familiar with the daily routine in our Reception classes and are making friends with their new classmates. We have really enjoyed making and eating toast and cereal and apple and blackberry crumble.

 We will be familiarizing our children with our Golden Rules and learning how to look after each other and the environment.  We also looking at healthy eating and reading ‘Oliver’s Fruit and Vegetables.’

 We will be eating, weighing and cooking fruit and vegetables.

 At home, you could support us by talking about the different foods you enjoy in your family - cooking healthy food with fruit and vegetables together or trying something new which the children can talk about in school.

Topic News - Nursery

Christmas in Nursery!   

Thursday 20th December is our day to celebrate Christmas in Nursery.  Afternoon children are joining us for the morning (so no afternoon Nursery).  The children can come dressed in their party clothes and we will be playing games and having party food.  If you could please give £2 towards the food and a present for each child we will supply everything.  You are all invited to join us at 11.00 when we will be singing you some songs that tell the Christmas story. 

Week Beginning: 12th November

This week in Nursery we are planning to talk about times of celebration that the children have experienced.  Could you please send in any photos that you have of birthday celebrations, weddings or anniversaries.  We can copy and return any original photos to you.  If you are unable to print photos then please email them to the school office and they will send them on to us.

Week Beginning:  8th October

We are continuing our ‘Me and My World’ topic by talking about ourselves and our bodies.  We shall be having a doctor’s role play area and learning songs and playing games that focus on parts of the body.  We shall also talk about how to keep our bodies healthy.  You can help support and continue their learning at home by playing games such as ‘Simon Says’, using mirrors to draw a self portrait, talk about healthy food and maybe even do some exercise together!  Please share what you have done either by using the Early Excellence Parent App or bring photos, pictures or comments into Nursery.