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Who's Who

ASSA Committee



  Jessica World

Vice Chairperson:

  Hayley Wickens


  Jo Hartley-James

Assistant Treasurer:

  Sara Costello


  Melanie Dore (Minutes) and Debbi Sonko (Newsletter)


  ASSA Members

Anna Wright, Annie Flinders, Becky Bryson, Catherine Sutton, Charlotte Watts, Cora Wong, Danielle Hunt, Debbi Sonko, Emma Pan, Fiona Allum, Hayley Wickens, Jessica World, Jo Hartley-James, Jo Turner, Julie Minell, Kate Ellis, Kate Geran-Haq, Katie Ball, Kelly Parry, Maz Hubbard, Melanie Dore, Natalie Mathews, Nicole Bonnet, Nicky Anderson, Raluka Larkin, Renate van Wells, Rob Hills, Ruth Pearson, Sara Costello, Sarah Choudrie, Sonia Richards, Stacy Rowland-Jones, Sue Stammers, Tamzin Smith, Tina Holland


Friends of ASSA 

Claire Smith, Dorothy Sym, Gareth Jones, Julie Ball, Ken Carruthers, Tracey Timms-Wilson


We have representatives in every year group and are always looking for new members!  So if you would like to become an ASSA member, or a friend of ASSA (i.e. to help out with events/ fundraising from time to time) please feel free to contact us at anytime for more information.

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