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Projects Funded


The money raised by ASSA is used by the school in a number of ways - for example to provide additional classroom resources or larger equipment to be shared by the whole school; to fund one-off projects; and to fund ongoing school clubs.  


Here are just some examples of where the school has used the money raised by ASSA:


In recent years, the money raised has been used to fund the following projects:



We raised our best amount ever - £13,850.  This has been used by the school as follows:


1) £7000 - contribution to Outdoor Play Equipment (new climbing frame)

2) £245 - incubator of hatching chicks

3) £1144 - classroom resources for Year 1 (ie pirate fort & pirates, playmat, fire fighters set, superheroes, dolls, clock kit, woodland village, hand bells, train, etc)

4) £108 – a new set of 20 footballs

5) £252 – classroom equipment for Year 4 (bookcase and trays)

6) £111.60 - autograph books for Year 6 leavers


(Balance of £4,989.40 to be allocated)



We had a very successful year, raising an amazing £13,100 for the school, our highest amount to date! 


This money has been used by the school in various ways:  

1) Refurbishing the Nursery classroom setting (£4,000)

2) New laptops and iPads, which the school is aiming to get into every class (£8,230)

3) Funding an incubator and hatching chicks, a foundation stage initiative which was enjoyed by the whole school (£270)

4) Sports equipment and kit for school teams (£400)

5) Birdfeeders, requested by the school Eco Council (£100)

6) Starter plants for the Seedlings club (£100)


Thank you to everyone who has supported us in all of our events.